Bombay Bicycle Club.

Leave It.

Bombay Bicycle Club. Leave It.
Bombay Bicycle Club 'Leave It'

London, November 2011 – Director Ryan Hope takes Bombay Bicycle Club into group therapy for the promo for 'Leave It', their latest single. Made by Stamp, the post production was completed at Prime Focus, with Rich Fearon supplying the grade and Dave Rose completing the online. The project was overseen by Lesley Queen.

Prime Focus Colourist Rich Fearon, who has recently graded the Bollywood box office smash R.A. One, completed the grade for this single shot promo. "Because it was only one shot, we had time to focus on one look for the entire promo" said Rich. "We wanted to get as much detail and texture out of the different characters skin tones as possible so I used the curve grade option within the mid tone hue angle to get into the finer detailed areas. We kept the contrast fairly light to maintain the hazy environment of the working mans club and once this grade was set it was a case of building dynamics between each of the characters to keep the consistency of the grade."


Project: Bombay Bicycle Club 'Leave It'
Record Company: Island Universal Records
Commissioners: Tamara Brooks, Bob Brimson.
Production Company: Stamp
Director: Ryan Hope
Producer: Laura Jones

Prime Focus.

Post Production: Prime Focus
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Online: Dave Rose
VFX Post Producer: Lesley Queen