DJ Fresh.

Gold Dust.

DJ Fresh. Gold Dust.
DJ Fresh 'Gold Dust'

Prime Focus has supplied post production on the video for DJ Fresh's feel good summer anthem, 'Gold Dust'. The promo, which captures the skills of Brooklyn's finest rope jumpers, has gained notoriety across the internet as 'The Skipping Video', and has recently been nominated for a 2010 Music Video Award for Best Telecine.

Ben Newman directed the promo for BetweenTheEyes @ Pulse. "The idea to go to NYC and shoot double dutch skippers in the projects of Brooklyn was something I never saw actually happening with the budget as low as it was," said Ben. "During the recce I think a lot of people thought we were crazy – it's one of the most dangerous projects in the States, let alone in New York, and there we were with rucksacks and cameras. Suddenly, the neighbourhood started to introduce themselves and seemed fascinated with our English accents. Once we had been officially welcomed by the 'hood, all my apprehensions seemed to fade away."

"The shoot was a truly amazing day where we managed to capture the true essence of the incredibly talented people of the Brownsville project," added Ben. "We got the rushes back to the UK in one piece and Vid Price did an amazing job at sculpting it into what you see today. Then to the grade! It was incredibly important to me to get this right. Prime Focus, and in particular James Tillet, were at the top of my list, and very kindly and to my surprise they took it on!"

"Working with James was great," continued Ben, "his attention to detail was second to none and I would love to work with him again in the future. I'd like to thank Prime Focus and James once again for a terrific job all round. DJ Fresh 'Gold Dust' was one of the most exciting productions I've worked on to date."

The promo was graded by James Tillet in Baselight, Smoke work was provided by Ian Baker, and the project was post produced by Ian Luxford at Prime Focus.


Project: DJ Fresh 'Gold Dust'
Record Company: Ministry Of Sound
Director: Ben Newman
Production Company: BetweenTheEyes @ Pulse
Producer: Neil Andrews
DoP: Steve Annis
Editor: Vid Price

Prime Focus.

Post Production: Prime Focus
Grade: James Tillett
Smoke: Ian Baker
VFX Post Producer: Ian Luxford