Well, Well, Well.

Duffy. Well, Well, Well.
Duffy 'Well, Well, Well'

Prime Focus has posted the promo for 'Well, Well, Well', the first single from Welsh songstress Duffy's eagerly anticipated new album 'Endlessly'. Directed by Chris Cottam at HSI London, the video harks back to French New Wave cinema and sees Duffy strolling through a Mediterranean town with an adventurous glint in her eye.

Having shrugged off her lover's accusing stare, claiming "I'm not guilty" she wanders through the streets and into a small bar breaking into dance to encourage the attention of the local hipsters sat in there. While her lover follows her trail through the labyrinth of deserted winding side streets, Duffy is leading the dancing inside as all the men in the bar seem to be on their feet and following her lead. As he finally reaches the bar, in the nick of time, Duffy is sat down all alone, a picture of the innocence that she has protested throughout the song.

Prime Focus Colourist Duncan Russell said: "The grade had to look like it was shot on print stock so it looked like an old film. We used a combination of ideas like squeezing all the details out of the blacks but not crushing them and compressing the highlights but not blowing them." He added: "We did it all off 16mm film. There was an idea to shoot reversal but we felt we could make the look with neg which was a really good idea because with reversal, once you've shot it, that's it, you can't fiddle around."

Chris Chitty in Flame, Sunil Rao in Smoke and Alex Bingham in the audio department completed the post work at Prime Focus.


Project: Duffy 'Well, Well, Well'
Record Company: Polydor
Commissioner: Ross Anderson
Production Company: HSI London
Director: Chris Cottam
Producer: Lucy Booth

Prime Focus.

Post Production: Prime Focus
Grade: Duncan Russell
Flame: Chris Chitty
Smoke: Sunil Rao
Audio: Alex Bingham
VFX Post Producer: Ian Luxford