Great British Menu 'Series 6'.

Optomen / BBC Two.

Great British Menu 'Series 6'. Optomen / BBC Two.
Great British Menu 'Series 6'

Great British Menu makes the move to HD.

As the old axiom goes: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

If, on the other hand, you have a hunger that only a stacked serving of competitive cooking can fill, make sure you're sat down and ready to devour the first episode of seasonal favourite Great British Menu, starting tonight at 6:30pm on BBC Two and simulcast on the BBC HD Channel – available through Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.

This year, Optomen Television's epicurean epic has challenged some of Britain's hottest culinary up-and-comers to prepare spectacular sharing platters suited to a magnificent, modern street party: dishes that are a feast for the eyes and a celebration on the taste buds.

Prime Focus has post produced all six series of Great British Menu to date, and was perfectly placed to assist the series in its transition from SD to glorious High Definition. "The primary consideration when changing the workflow for a show of this size – which supplied us with over 800 hours of content – is managing the media and metadata to ensure a smooth transition from offline to online," said Commercial Executive Sara Hill. "We need to get through each post production stage quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. With episodes stripped five days a week for eight weeks, it's a very fast turnaround," Sara added.

"The tapeless workflow for this series made onlining a much quicker process altogether," said online editor Barrie Pease. "Instead of loading in a DCP, I have the tapeless, graded MXF files linked in automatically, waiting for me to begin. And shooting on HD was great for giving us a little more finesse when keying the green screen out of the scoreboard shots," Barrie added.

"My manifesto for this series' grade was to champion the quality of the food and the cooking as much as possible," said colourist Graeme Hayes. "This year, the kitchen has a lot more light streaming in, and two copper coloured walls which help give it a warm, fresh feel, and shows the food off beautifully. I added a subtle vignette to the judging chamber sequences to give it heavy, oppressive feel and heighten the sense of drama," Graeme continues, "just to close them in a little and draw your eye towards the food they're judging and the decisions they make. The series has a slick, magazine-esque feel that sits beautifully with its contemporary look and fast-paced edit."

Smoke Artist Alec Eves provided the HD graphics including all the titles, stings, scores elements and backgrounds. The show was post produced at Prime Focus by Rebecca Willcocks.


Project: Great British Menu 'Series 6'
Client: Optomen Television
Broadcaster: BBC Two
Series Producer: Tanya Gottlieb
Executive Producers: Nicola Moody, Kirsty Hanson
Production Manager: Tina D'Arcy
Production Co-ordinator: Abi Brooks
Producers: Rachel Coughlan, Sophie Seiden, Colin Steele, Gavin Dutton, Colette Hooper
Commissioner: Lindsay Bradbury
Editors: Martin Strike, Simon Richards, Tom Henney, Sophie Kennedy, Richard Mower, Tris Harris, Phil Ashby, Nigel Duthie

Prime Focus.

Post Production: Prime Focus
Colourist: Graeme Hayes
Online: Barrie Pease, Ronnie Newman
Audio: Liam Milner, Rada Danilovic, Wid Cook
Graphics: Alec Eves
Senior Post Producer: Rebecca Willcocks