Next Education 'TeachNext'.


Next Education 'TeachNext'. Rickshaw.
Next Education 'TeachNext'

A commercial which brings to life Next Education's TeachNext programme has been posted at Prime Focus in India and created by Rickshaw. TeachNext provides audio-visual lessons in 2D and 3D that can be used in the classroom.

The spot begins with the school bell ringing for the end of the day. It's a typical scene as the school bus driver, parents, and even the candyfloss seller wait outside for the surge of children as they race out of the building and head home. However there is no sign of the children, and as the elderly caretaker investigates where they all are, the secret is revealed. They are all so enthralled by the lessons provided by TeachNext that nobody wants to leave.

The brief received from the client was very simple – 'Experience: The experience of joy and amazement felt by enthusiastic children in their school classroom'. This was achieved by creating an environment which is real, yet magical. The client asked Prime Focus to create the solar system and some topics on subjects like biology and maths.

Execution of this commercial was not simple as there were many technical challenges that had to be overcome. Although the shot was planned during the 3D pre-visualization stage, during the actual shoot on location, the time on hand was inadequate to shoot all the plates that were needed. To overcome this, the team had to paint and composite the big plates for the main shot in which the solar system was confirmed. The other main challenge was matchmoving. Finally, a lot of colour correction and layering on the smoke was required to achieve a seamless blend of the CG and the live shoot.

According to Deependra Bhartari, co-chief executive officer, sales and marketing at TeachNext, "The objective was to communicate how classrooms can be made fun and interesting not only for the students but for the teachers as well. Gone are the days of boring classrooms when chalk and talk method of teaching was used. Classrooms are changing now; children are falling in love with what they learn in the classrooms and it is TeachNext that is bringing this transformation with the help of technology."


Project: Next Education 'TeachNext'
Agency: Rickshaw
Production House: Apostrophe Films
Director: Kaushik Sarkar

Prime Focus.

Post Production: Prime Focus
Online Editing: Jayant Hadke
Sound Editing: Deepangshu Roy
Grade: Morgan R